Hiatus: 30 Poems by Dwiputri Pertiwi is Nowherelandian’s debut publication. Deliberately written with no binding theme in mind, Hiatus is an exploration of Dwiputri’s daily observations and contemplations. Subjects range from nomadism to god, as well as occasional hints of social commentary. Dwiputri wants to show, through Hiatus, that the human mind never takes a break—that even during seemingly relaxing times, we are constantly wrestling with our thoughts. All poems in this compilation are in English.


Paperback (inc. sleeve); 63 pages
Published in 2014 by Nowherelandian
Designed by Max Suriaganda
Printed in Indonesia

Hiatus is out of print.

Visions of Mundane Madness is a collection of black and white drawings by Andri Nirmala and poems by Dwiputri Pertiwi. As the title suggests, the theme is “the madness of everyday life” and how routines can easily cause us to overlook some of the most interesting, beautiful and disheartening things that lurk in our physical and mental surroundings. All poems are in English.

Paperback; 129 pages
Published in 2015 by Nowherelandian
Designed by Andri Nirmala
Printed in Indonesia