May 18, 2017

What Was Never Yours to Begin With

You accuse me of stealing your tongue.

Maybe I did.

            But what if I told you I found it lying around on the sidewalk?
            What would you do then? What would you say?

Your tongue, like a tasteless billboard that
encourages us to buy an even more tasteless product
is available in large quantities.
            No matter how exclusive you think it is.

                        But then again all luxury items
                        are imitated with slight modifications.
                        Nobody bothers to tell them apart
                        because quality is irrelevant nowadays.

                                    You said so yourself.

You accuse me of stealing your tongue.

So what if I did?

                        But don’t you dare tell me that these aren’t my flavours.
                                    Your freedom, your values, your arrogance
                                    don’t tickle my appetite.
                                    They all taste artificial
                                    are artificial.
Let clove cigarettes guide me to god’s penthouse.
I heard his basement isn’t as bad as they say it is.
            Too many people have died from the crap
            you shoved down their throats.
            Even the big guy doesn’t want you rotting
            in his basement.

                        This is the life I want to savour.
                        This is the life I chew and shit with pride.

                                    Your tongue is just one of many
                                    used to speak about the world.
                                    It is not the world.
                        The world doesn’t belong to you
                        or anyone else.
No tongue can ever change that.