October 14, 2015


Part One: A Possibility

Why am I still asleep?
The alarm went off a long time ago, and
I’ve missed the morning sun. We all have.
That is, if such a thing truly exists…Oh,
glorious star, the center of the center of
the center of attention! Attention? But aren’t
we all asleep? How would we know if it really
is in the center of the center of a cold, lonely,
void when the only thing we’ve ever
seen is the darkness behind our closed eyelids?

Part Two: Another Possibility

Nobody wants to sleep comfortably 
on a bed of lies;
nobody except those bodies that
have not seen what is on the other  
side of their unspoiled dreams. 
  Go, go on and dream without me.
I insist. I'd rather stay awake through
this hell that'll prepare me for the one to
come. Join me, if you'd like—though there's
nothing much to like about this, this
thing that keeps me from sleeping. But
nobody wants to sleep comfortably
on a bed of lies;
especially when the mind is wide awake,
and the moon is shining brightly
on this endless night. The giant eye stares at
me. And through the haze of a million dreams,
I stare back.