July 15, 2015

Notes on Shit

We confront life’s most bitter truths most courageously in the bathroom because bitter truths are still better than the shit that oozes out of our own assholes. The bathroom is the most appropriate place to contemplate the dramatic and mundane atrocities that are so generously scattered all over the planet—abstract shit is easily defeated by the undeniably tangible, smelly and bacteria-infested shit piling up right underneath our rear ends. In our resistance to inhale the smell of our own excrement, we focus on the problems that have been bothering us. The longer we take, the higher the chance we may even find solutions to those problems; or at least, enough inspiration that can lead us to those solutions. No wonder Japanese people glorify toilets. The bathroom, or more specifically, the restroom, is where one rests by thinking. Imagine the solitude, the peace… Our aggressive energy goes into the act of shitting. The void that it creates leaves plenty of space in our minds. And now that all the stress has migrated to our asses, there is none left to interrupt our conversation with the truths we have unknowingly welcomed into our heads.